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    Freeman Fanatic - Questions

    The FirstKings front man"Freeman Fanatic" just dished out his long awaited freestyle tagged "QUESTIONS"(produced by Realtricks)talks about the current happenings and how people have been living without direction or purpose, he  drops this piece to keep his fans updated as to what he's working on which will be unveiled soonest

    Download and enjoy



    The question remains what if I drop dead
    What if my last step really is my last step
    This life is really rushing me like a fast jet
    On the last day,will I,be found clean like detergent
    A lot of people out there lying lifeless
    Shot down some are sliced with a matchet
    This life is really complicated like a maths test
    Really funny telling me u never had a plan yet 
    Mumsy tell me this world na big market 
    Some dey on top some De ground like carpet
    Some dont even know what to sale what to buy yet
    Alotta working dead without purpose zero target 
    I use to wonder what am doing here
    Who am I,what is life,that I kinda fear
    If my sis will kick the bucket then my time is near
    Alotta black thoughts when will life be fair
    So tell me will we grow twice to realise that we're not kids 
    The point is do u know where your choice fits
    More or less fix your life we're on a dead trip
    Living so comfortable nah! just let your brain drift
    Life taught me lesson but really I ain't attentive
    They said existing is cheap but living is expensive
    U need more than lenses to see through your senses
    Your life need a drive don't go on with it depends speech
    My brother man turn on your data and
    Check all the news,the deaths from the virus,rape or abuse
    The world is getting weaker everybody is confused
    The racism is eating deeper is so much to make it through
    What are u living for
    The money or the house
    What are u breathing for
     Your friends or your spouse
    Are you living for the one who made the wind and storm steady 
    When he finally call u home will u really be ready!

    Freeman Fanatic Biography Coming soon...

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