[Article] The Battle Plan - Jayce Talker (Pryme9jablog)

[Article] The Battle Plan - Jayce Talker (Pryme9jablog)

  • The devils plan in every soul is to kill, steal, and destroy. 
  • He goes helter skelter looking for believers to devour.
  • You may be going through a lot of trauma, maybe hidden sins, but by God's grace this article shall set you free.
  • While the devil's planning, God also has a plan for you. You should also know that the battle of sin is not a battle of flesh and blood but a spiritual fight.
  • For a Battle to be won, it needs a plan.
  • This is our plan.
  • By putting on the armour of God

  • We overcome the devil when we who have received Christ as Lord and Savior take up and put on the whole armor of God.

  • You know this: Before any pilot—commercial, private, or Air Force fighter jet—takes off, he runs through a checklist. Here is your checklist! Are you wearing each piece of this armor?

  •  Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

  • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  • Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

  • Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness.

  • Standing firm in your identity in Christ.
 Paul first tells us to “Take up … the belt of truth ” (Eph. 6:13-14). We tend to think of truth primarily as a what , but in Scripture, it is first a who (John 14:6). Paul is saying to us, “Gird yourself up with Jesus. Stand  firm in your identity in Christ.”
I've always heard it said that your identity is based on what the most important person in your life thinks about you. Is Jesus the most important person in your life? If so, have you made what he thinks about you the core of your identity?
Whatever controls your heart also controls your identity. Once Christ is the center of who you are, then you have an identity that Satan can’t shake.

  • Putting on Christ’s righteousness.
 Next, Paul says, “Take up … the breastplate of righteousness ” (Eph. 6:14). Similar to the first piece, this means embracing our identity in Christ. Putting on Christ’s righteousness means believing that when God looks at us, he sees Jesus’ perfect record in our place.
But this is also referring to obedience. Because we are covered in Christ’s righteousness, we conform our lives to Christ’s righteousness. Satan’s focal point of attack will be whatever part of you isn’t surrendered to God and conformed to his truth. This may be a sinful habit, a bad relationship you won’t let go of, or just an area of your life that you haven’t put under God’s control.
Wherever you close yourself off to obedience, you leave an open door for Satan. But once you put off the sin you’re holding to, then you can put on the righteousness of Christ and be guarded against Satan’s attack.
  • Being saturated in the Bible.
 Paul ends his list with two offensive weapons. The first is our sword, which is the Word of God. Your ability to overcome Satan is directly proportionate to your knowledge of the Word of God. Trying to fight off Satan without knowing the Word is like running into battle without a sword.
If you want to overcome Satan, you must read the Bible, learn the Bible, meditate on the Bible and memorize the Bible. You should be so saturated with it that when life cuts you, you bleed God’s Word.
  • Devoting yourself to bold prayer
 The final piece of armor is prayer. Paul wants to make sure that through our battle with Satan, we are “praying at all times in the Spirit” (Eph. 6:18).
People often don’t include prayer in the list of weapons. But it is. In fact, it’s our main weapon. Prayer is not something we do in preparation for the battle; prayer is the battle. Samuel Chadwick wrote,
"The one concern of the devil is to keep saints from prayer. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, and prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.”

When we boldly ask much of God for his kingdom, we put the gospel to action and overcome Satan with our faith.
 God has not left us alone in our battle with Satan. In Christ, we have a resurrected Savior who defeated the worst of Satan’s attacks. In him, we have every piece of spiritual armor we need to overcome Satan’s activity in our lives.
That's the plan
I hope and pray that this article shall show you your way out.A
Anticipate my next song titled
'Hey devil'.
Remain blessed brethren.T
Tank you for reading.

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