You whip us and never
Let us wipe our tears away
You made us wail like
A chase from a whale
And said all is well
When you told us that
A white christ was nail to a tree
When we sail over the Atlanta
When you gave us lanterns
And force us to fight ourselves
Calling us Gladiators
Ouuch our past was nothing but silence...

Racism word so hard to pronounce
But our colour we can't renounce
You bounce on us like
A panther pounce on a prey
While to our ancestors we pray
We cry but the led us astray
Cause the sold my Granny
For a cheap dry gin
And said id not a sin...

Where is thy word?
When behind your tongue is the sword
Where is thy trow?
When you use and throw us like leathers
You strip us off our culture
And left us with scars from torture
And still preach rapture..

Walk a mile in our black shoes
You will prefer to work with two hoes
Cause you nicknamed the black race a woe
And wanted us to sing hallelujah
Wallowing in perpetual sorrow
We push our burden in a wheelbarrow
And there lil ones mocked our hollow...

You took us as slaves
To build Manchester
Saying all goes on a slow pace
Promising us a better place
Not knowing you will brand us like a lace
Lies!! Life is a race..
     Words of a black sage

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