Biography of Ernest Emmanuel Ngothela


Ernest Emmanuel Ngothela is an artist who is popular know as Skellem killer at his Local township, He was born in 2000 and grow up in Gauteng province.
He lives in Duduza, He Started doing music at the age of 12 he was inspired by Akon and Flabba then he eventually started to producer his own music in 2015 at the age of 13.
He release a Project that is on every digital platforms Tittled ( Impilo Yase Goli ) African trap.
He featured an artist TRIGGER BOSSMADE from USA California and the song hit the charts on Spotify.
Skellem Killer also feature another artist from Nigeria Called Princestarzy. They both work on a single tittled Stronger Than Pain, the song hit more broadcast in Many defrent local radios in South Africa.

You can follow him on IG skellem97
You can also follow him on Facebook @ Skellem killer.

Download Album Here👇👇👇

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